Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Fun and Last Day of School

Summer is officially here at our house. Sam actually finished his school awhile ago...and he is a straight A student again this semester! We are just sooo proud of him. We've got a lot on our plate for this summer and we are ready to have some fun. One place that we will frequent is Hawaiian Falls Water Park. Thanks to my parents our big Christmas gift this past Christmas was season passes! So we can stay cool in this Texas heat. In fact we've been having summer temperatures since a week before Easter this year. Here is a video about Hawaiian Falls Water park that aired this morning and if you notice the time and temp in the lower right hand corner it really does say 9:25 am and it was already 82 degrees!

Sticking with tradition Sam and I will celebrate the last day of school by staying up all night and watching movies. Thanks to RedBox we rented Gnomeo & Juliet, The Green Hornet and Gulliver's Travels for just over $3! I expense spared here. We'll have pizza, popcorn, popsicles, smores (in the microwave with peanut butter cups...yum!) and Twizzlers.  I'll post pictures soon from tonight as I'm sure we'll have fun. We'll also see how late he/I stay up this year.

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Rachel Elizabeth. said...

One of David's plans for the summer is to invite a friend over so they can stay up all he did with Sam last year. He still talks about the fun they had!

We were looking at renting a Redbox movie today. The boys didn't want to watch anything that was available. Oh, well. At least I tried. :)

Enjoy your night!


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