Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tasty Tuesday ~ Peanut Butter Cup S'mores!

It's Tuesday and time to jump on the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop. If you've never participated before it's a lot of fun. Just head on over to 33 Shades of Green to see what it's all about. You can link up there, here or on anyone that has the blog hop on their post! It's a great way to find new recipes!

A few weeks ago when we celebrated the last day of school by staying up all night we made S'mores.  But since we were at home we made them in the microwave and some of them were made with Peanut Butter Cups!  They are soooo yummy!  Enjoy!


PB Cup S'mores

Lay one half of a Graham cracker (2 sections on a microwave plate and add a peanut butter cup to the top.  Microwave for about 10 seconds on high.  Add a large marshmallow to the top of the softened peanut butter cup and microwave 5 to 10 seconds--you'll have to watch it and judge according to your microwave.  You'll want the marshmallow to swell up.  Take out of the microwave and top with the second half of the Graham cracker, smush it together and gobble it up!


Rachel Elizabeth. said...

Oh. My. Word. Why have I never thought of that? (I think peanut butter cups and marshmallows are on my next shopping list.)

Crazy Working Mom said...

I'm with R.E.!!! WOW, this is genius! Why didn't I think of this?! My family LOVES PB cups. We have GOT to try this!!!



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