Friday, December 9, 2011

100 Joys ~ #3 ~KLTY Christmas Wish

Joy #3 of the Season is HERE!

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It is a huge joy that I listen to a local Christian Radio Station, KLTY 94.9. It's an even bigger joy that during the Christmas season they have a program called the KLTY Christmas Wish. People can nominate others, or themselves, that have come across hard times.  Some just need a meal, a bill paid, or need to get caught up and want to give their kids a Christmas that they deserve.  Others need so much more!  If you want to get involved, and I highly suggest you do, just head on over to the KLTY website to find out more information.  You can go to one of their live broadcasts and pick out a family to bless or just give a donation.  If you can't make it to one of their live broadcasts you can also send in your donation.

Sam and I had the privilege of going to one of these broadcasts (which are at local Chick-Fil-A's) last Friday morning.  I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to see table after table of families looking through the binders trying to find a family to bless.  All of the nominations that have been sent in are put into binders by categories and you can look through them until you find the one that touches your heart.  Here is a picture I took (sorry about the bad quality) of Frank Reed during the broadcast that Sam and I went to.

Below are a few of the Christmas Wishes that have been granted this year and in years past.  I'm telling you now....get some tissues as they will touch your heart.  Once you've watched them think about helping out another family this year; even if it's not through this program.

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{rachel} said...

I remember the year I was pregnant with Alex. Driving to work was always a challenge because of the Christmas Wish. Those dang pregnancy hormones made me so over-the-top emotional that when they aired the actual giving of the wishes, I would start bawling. Crying so hard I could barely see to drive. A few times, I almost pulled over to the side of the road because of it.

Christmas Wish is definitely an amazing program!


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