Friday, February 2, 2007

DIYs Knit-In and some Small Jealousy

Join Vickie during theSuper Bowl Sunday Knit-In

So, this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, I have always loved to watch the game, the commercials, partake in some wonderful foods and, yes, I have even worked a project or two while watching.

This year I will be knitting a 7" x 9" square for Warm Up America. These will eventually be sewn together into blankets to be distributed to women’s shelters, nursing homes, and daycare centers.

DIY will be hosting a "Knit-In", hosted by Vickie Howell of Knitty Gritty who will also participate/host a live blog between the hours of 5-11pm ET.

If you would like instructions to either knit or crochet a square while you enjoy the game go here.

Okay...with that said...Yes, I am very jealous at this moment in time. On my SILs blog she has stated that, "Vickie will be doing a live blog and chat...from my living room. Her hotel doesn't get DIY; I knew having the satellite television so I can get it would come in handy." Vickie is going to be in her living room! What I would do to be there. Of course, SIL has a pattern in one of Vickie's books so there might be a small connection there. :) But to be a small part of that would just be wonderful. I'm assuming that SIL is tickled pink. Maybe someday...a girl can dream.

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