Sunday, February 18, 2007


Last night was breakfast night. I went to go make some pancakes and found out that we didn't have enough Bisquick. I had already entered some of the ingredients into a bowl (I know this recipe almost by heart) and didn't want to waste any of them. So out comes the cookbook. Better Homes and Garden Cookbook saves the day and we had wonderful Banana Pancakes, a favorite around here.

Take a look:
Batter is ready to go and now they are cooking away!
Boy they sure do look good! And, yes, to answer your question...they were WONDERFUL!
Thing one said that they tasted any different! I might just have to make them from scratch more often. I really enjoyed making them last night.

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anna said...

Hi Kim, I'd love to have your recipe for the banana pancakes, I've never heard of them and they sound like something this household would love! :)
hugs, anna


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