Thursday, February 22, 2007

Catching Up

I see it's been awhile since I posted anything here. So this may be long.

Well Sam is now better and back to school! YEAH!!! I then got a little bit of it and I really wasn't feeling better until yesterday. I've finally been able to start walking again and it looks like I'll pass the half way mark really soon! I'm doing at least 2.5 miles a day so I still think I'll be able to meet the 100 miles goal by April 1st if not sooner. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Let's see...what has been happening other than that since the last time I was on here. Last Saturday we went to Lake Bistineau. It was a very windy day so we didn't stay as long as we would normally have. Here are just a few pictures of the day and I'll include a Slide show at the end of this so you can see all the pictures if you wish.
Yes, I took my knitting with me in the car. This is going to be a shrug once I get it finished.
Oh no! It's the Moss Monster! :) Sam loved playing with the Spanish Moss that was all over the place.
Oh please??? Just this once? hehehe Andy wondered why I took a picture of this sign...I really don't know.
Lots and lots of tall trees. Since it was so windy that day you could stand on the ground look up and get so dizzy seeing the trees sway back and forth. This makes one realized just how small we really are.
Saw some tracks along the beach.
Obviously we saw some Spanish Moss. I personally think that it looks beautiful swaying from the trees. And the color is beautiful too.
Okay...I know that I'm his Mom...but he is just too cute!

I know that most of the country is under a deep freeze (and I'm kind of missing that) but here we have been experiencing temperatures way above normal for this time of year. Yesterday and today have been in the 80's! I've been doing my walks around 9:30 in the morning but now I'm thinking that I may have to move it up some as it is already in the upper 60's to lower 70's. We will be cooling off some this weekend with some rain and next week seems to look cooler too. Oh well. Better get used to it I guess.

Sam now has glasses! He only has to use them to do his homework and reading before bedtime. The Dr. said that his correction is very little but it will help him and his eyes relax. He picked out his own glasses and I think that he did a very good job. See for yourself:

Well it seems as though I don't have as much to talk about as I thought I had. I think about stuff all the time that I want to put on here but lately when I sit down to do the actual writing I draw a blank.

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Grandma said...

Can you send me the picture of Sam in his new glasses in a printable format on my e-mail?


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