Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl...Come and Gone

The Super Bowl has come and gone. I was not impressed with this years game or the commercials. If you missed some of the commercials you can see them all here. To me they just seemed like the average everyday commercial. Either that or I'm getting older...but I refuse to say that is the reason why. :)

My husband and I both agree that the real Super Bowl game was played when the Colts played the Patriots a few weeks back. That was a much better game than this years Super Bowl. Oh well, maybe next years game will be better. Football is over for another year. The next sport that this household really follows will be baseball.

My poll is now closed and here are the results. The question was: Do you watch the Super Bowl for the game, commercials or both? The winning answer was Both! Game had 5 votes, Commercials had 4 votes and Both had 9 votes.

We attended a Super Bowl party at our Associate Pastor's house with our Sunday School class and it was a ton of fun. All the kids played together with no fights and ran themselves until they were too tired to stand. I made it home in time to participate in some of the Blog/Chat that DIY was hosting (see previous posts) and had a fun time with that. I was able to work on my knitted square some but I didn't get it finished. I'll work on it this week and get it sent off.

Well here's to another week. Let it be a good one for you!

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