Sunday, February 4, 2007

This Weekend.....So Far

Before I talk about this weekend I need to first back up to this past Monday evening. While Andy and I were at bell choir practice we were reminded that the bell choir would be attending a Handbell Workshop this coming Saturday. (Below I have posted some pictures of my hands and the bells as Andy and I spent a total of 6 hours polishing the bells.) Our church was going to provide child care for Sam but he was to be the only child needing care. That meant that he would be with two adults by himself in an empty church from 8am-3:30pm. How boring for him! So on Wednesday I approached a couple that has 3 boys (one being Sam's age) and asked them what they were doing on Saturday. They responded by saying, "Do you need us to watch Sam for you?" I was pleasantly surprised. They then invited all of us over on Friday evening for a pizza and movie night along with inviting Sam to spend the night! WOW!

Fast forward to Friday evening. We went over to our friends house (which is right down the street from us) and had pizza while watching a movie. Now...this movie was probably only watched by the adults as the four boys went up to the bedrooms to play the whole time. It was fun to be able to sit with adults, know that our kids were safe, and have some adult conversation. We have a lot in common with this couple including having adopted kids. Their first child was adopted before having two more of their own and of course many of you know that we adopted Sam. This was the couple that had first greeted us when we started attending First UMC here. They sat with us and even invited us to go out to lunch. We got to know them quite well then but after this night with them I feel as though we have made some really good friends. And to think it only took us 3 months! :)

Around 10pm we headed back to our house leaving Sam to spend the night. Now one must know that this was the first time that Sam has ever attempted to spend the night at a friends house. We told him that it would be different than sleeping in his house or one of his grandparents house. We also reminded him that we would just be right down the street and that it was perfectly okay to have the other parents give us a call. Approximately one hour later our phone rang and they were bringing him back home. I was very proud of Sam for trying. It's hard that first time.

Saturday morning we took Sam back down to their house and we went off to our Handbell Workshop. Sam had a ton of fun playing with the other boys. They even got to go to The Home Depot for their Kids Workshops which is offered the first Saturday of every month. Sam came home with a handmade napkin holder and a Home Depot wooden car. Andy and I had a lot of fun at the Handbell Workshop and were back at their house around 4pm. Sam had so much fun that he wanted to stay there. Once home he went outside to shoot some hoops and ride his bike, that is after I put the chain back on. He was in bed and asleep by 8pm and slept until almost 8am this morning. Boy was he tired!

Today we went to Sunday School and Church and ended up joining! It was a wonderful feeling and a great service. This afternoon we will be going to the Associate Pastor's house for our Sunday School's Super Bowl Party. Of course, I'll be taking my knitting along as I want to do my square today for DIYs Knitty Gritty Knit-In. The party won't last that long as we all have kids so once we get back home I am hoping to join in the live chat with Vickie Howell.

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