Friday, April 13, 2007

Highlights of our Spring Break Trip

Last week I took Sam back up to Springfield, MO, for his Spring Break. We had a wonderful time! We left here on Saturday morning and drove most of the day through a torrential downpour but made it there safe and sound. On our way up we listened to a book on tape. Sam just loves doing this! Which is fine by me because it keeps him occupied and we both get to listen to a story. We listened to book 2 of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Of course I can't wait for book 7 and the 5th movie both being released this summer!

On Sunday we went back to our old church and saw many of our friends. Monday we went to the zoo and had a great day there. We also saw the destruction that happened there when the ice storm hit. You can see it all through town as you drive through but you can really see it when you are at the zoo. You can now see through the different sections of the park that were previously blocked by trees. We all counted the rings of one of the tree stumps that we walked by. It was 40+ years old. It will take quite a while for Springfield to look the same again.

Tuesday my mom took me to go see the movie Because I Said So. My mom and I loved this movie and I had a wonderful time going with her to see it.

Wednesday I got to spend 3+ hours getting my hair done!!! It was a wonderful time and I was spoiled while I was there. Then Sam and I got to go attend the Wednesday afternoon/evening activities at our old church.

Thursday we all spent the day down at Silver Dollar City. It was the first day for their World-Fest Celebration. We got to see the Zunyi Acrobats of China and they were amazing. In fact Sam is still talking about it.

Friday I took Sam to go see the movie Meet The Robinsons.
It is a great movie! I can't wait to see this one again and will probably purchase the DVD once it is released.

Saturday we dyed Easter Eggs and visited with some more family members.

Sunday was Easter. The Easter Bunny visited Sam, we went to church, came home and had a delicious meal with family and friends. Then Sam and his cousins all took turns hiding the plastic eggs out in my parents yard and had fun finding all 39 of them.

Monday we drove back home. It was a great drive with no weather concerns to deal with. We listened to more books on tape.
This time it was some of the Magic Tree House books. Sam loves these books and I hope to one day have the whole set. So far we don't own a single one but it is something I have planned for in the future.

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