Friday, April 13, 2007

Travelling Scarf

I am currently participating in a Travelling Scarf KAL (Knit-A-Long). In one of the Yahoo Groups that I am a member of we all started talking about having a scarf that everyone had knitted on and this idea came into being. We started this scarf at the beginning of April. We are knitting 5 1/4" on each scarf and then send it on its merry way and await the next one to arrive. By the end we will all have a very unique scarf that will have a very sentimental meaning to all of us. Here is a picture of my own scarf that I started while at my parents house on Sam's spring break. I took it on my mom's dining table with her Easter decorations. Did this as a reminder of when it all started. The first picture is of the front and the second one is of the back.

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roseygirl said...

I did a traveling scarf a while ago with some of my pen-pals it turned out great we take turns having it and mail it off to each other every 2/3 months :)


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