Monday, January 28, 2008


We have been having very windy conditions today. It has been gusting anywhere between 25 and 30 mph with a steady wind around 17 mph. With that said....This morning at 9:20 I found out that the gate to our back yard had flow open. It had to happen between 8:45 and 9:20. I thought that I was letting both of our dogs in to be fed their breakfast but only one came inside. I have been driving around our neighborhood since then and I can't seem to find him. The dog that is lost is Gilligan. We've had him now for about a year and we are so sad. Sam of course has taken it the hardest. We're still looking and will keep looking for a while longer.


Stacey said...

Prayer said for Gilligan, Kim. He will return, check the shelters if you haven't already. (((hugs)))

D... said...

Prayers being sent up, Kim! But I hope, hope, hope they aren't necessary now as Gilligan is cuddled up with ya'll as I type.

kali said...

i too hope that gilligan has been found and is home safe and sound now.

were his tags current with your new address and a local vet? if not, you might try to call your old vet in LA and see if anyone has tried to contact them. i've had dogs get out before, and at least 3 times the finder phoned the number on the rabies tag, and the vet put them in touch with me so i could go pick them up.

please let us know

Stacey said...

Hey Kim, just wondering what the status of Gilligan is. xo


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