Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not Yet...

Just an update....

We have yet to find Gilligan. We are all pretty torn up about him not being here. Sam told me the other morning, "It's just not the same around here without him here". We all agree. I have been busy this week looking for him. I've gone to four animal rescue centers daily (one being the humane society and the other three were what you would call the pound), two vets offices that are near us, two PetCo stores, two PetsMart stores, posted on Craigs List, have put up signs in three neighborhoods, have posted on and a few more websites like that along with getting emails out to a lot of dog rescue groups. I don't know what else I can do except for going to the shelters every day. In fact this afternoon while surfing on the computer I found yet another shelter that I can add to my list. The sad fact of the Humane Society of North Texas is that they get 150 - 200 dogs DAILY! So sad.

I know that I shouldn't live in the "what ifs" right now, even my my reminded me of that on the phone the other day...but...I keep thinking in the back of my mind, what if I had just let them in a little bit earlier to feed them. Maybe this wouldn't have happened. I was the only one home that morning and I keep replaying those last thirty minutes in my head and wonder what I could have done differently. Then there is the fact that I'm out there every day looking at all the shelters and seeing all of those lost dogs. I get back into the car and just cry. Not only for my own dog but for all those other dogs that don't have a warm place to call home.

I'm just so heart broken. We all are. Especially Sam. He's helping as much as he can by hanging the posters. I won't take him to the shelters at least not yet.


D... said...

Oh, Kim, I am so sorry. I was hoping that Gilligan was back home with ya'll.

I know what you mean about the shelters. It's heartbreaking.

And, yes, please stop with the What Ifs. You are sad enough without adding unnecessary guilt to it.

Thank you for the update.

Stacey said...

I agree with D, listen to her, she's a very wise woman. You've done everything possible and nobody could fault you. ((hugs))

Bubba's Sis said...

Kim, I am so sorry!! This makes me so sad - I can only imagine how I'd feel if one of my doggies was lost! I'm praying you find him SOON! You are awesome doing all that to try to find him. Have faith - he may still find his way home.


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