Friday, March 14, 2008

Sam's Birthday Party

Forgot to write about Sam's birthday party that we had. But first let me tell you about the success that I had with the cookies that I made. I did cookies on a stick so that the transportation of the treats would be much easier and I didn't have to take plates, forks and knives. I looked and looked around the Internet until I found this recipe. It's an amazing recipe where the cookies have a very thin crisp layer on the outside and are still soft on the inside. They hold their shape! Never did a single cookie "ooze" like some other sugar cookie recipes. I am keeping this recipe even if I don't do them on a stick again. Here are some pictures of the finished product while the icing was drying.

Now on to the party! We went to the C. R. Smith Museum. It is the museum for American Arlines. C. R. Smith was the founder of American Airlines. After the museum we went to a pizza place for lunch and to open presents. Everyone seemed to have a great time. I know that we did!

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crazy working mom said...

Very cool. Looks like a fun time. I'd LOVE to have that recipe if you have the time to e-mail it to me. :)


D... said...

What a great idea! The party looked like a lot of fun and what a neat venue to have it!

UniquelymeNana said...

You did an awesome job!! Kim the icing job is great, I could never get the hang of doing that type of icing. I tried to email you but it came back can you email me so I can send you photo of our newest family member?

Hugs to you,


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