Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I think that Freecycle has become one of my best friends. Well, not really, but I've gotten some really nice things off of there lately from some very generous people out there. Here's a list:

Of course you know about the pool. We're still getting hours upon hours of fun with the pool.

I think I forgot to tell you about this one. At the same house that we got the pool there was the armoire sitting in her garage. They had previously sold it at a garage sale but the people (who had paid for it) never came back to pick it up. It had been several months with several phone calls to them. So needless to say they were ready to have it gone. I of course jumped at the opportunity to take it and put it in my craft room. It is wonderful!

There was a posting not to long ago of someone getting rid of a chair. I asked to see a photo of it and even though there is a tear on the front of it I got it and am using it in my craft room. I didn't have a place to sit in there until now. I'll make a cover for it sometime soon. Either that or drape a throw over it.

With the pending Youth Choir Tour that I am helping chaperon and taking Sam on I wanted to
get him something to keep him busy (read occupied) during those times that he needs to be quiet. I posted that I was looking for a Game Boy of some kind. In that same post I also posted that Sam was getting into Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and asked if there were any kids that have outgrown theirs. I got a response from a lovely lady that had a 15 year old boy that had over 300 cards along with a Game Boy Advance SP that he wanted to give to Sam. I was floored! Of course we still had to get games for the Game Boy. When we went to the Game Stop store here we found out that the Game Boy that we received was a limited edition made specifically for Japan. If those in the USA wanted this specific color they had to special order it. There were only 200 of this color made! Luckily the used games at Game Stop start at $2.99! I'm happy and now as you can see....He's VERY Happy!

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