Friday, April 24, 2009

You Capture - Letters

This weeks assignment on You Capture was 'Letters'. For a person that loves to read the first thing that popped into my head was books.

Sam loves to go to the library. This time he couldn't wait until we got home to start reading. He sat right down at the table this week in the library and started reading. When it was time to go he carried his books out to the car and started reading again. Love that boy!

Most of these books here belonged to my Grandfather. He was a Methodist pastor and I cherish these books.

I'm sure everyone has one of these. Maybe not a library card but a card none the less hanging on your key chain that has words/letters on it.

This is my current reading stack. Again...lots of words/letters.......Then I thought, nah, that's to obvious.

How about the signs we see all over the place.

Nope, to obvious again.

Maybe a cross stitch that I have sitting next to some books on a bookshelf that has words/letters on it?

Still, to obvious.

How about on the items that we wear?

Here you can see the letters ck on the side of my friends sunglasses. Thanks Rachel!

How about the obscure?
Here are some tiles on the table at Chili's. If you look hard enough you can see the letter 'e' on the first one and the letter 'x' in the second one.

Nope...these are all still there out in the open for everyone to see.

How about the fact that we can recycle our letters?

Not to mention that there are letters all over the outside of it.

Nope. I wanted to think more outside the box this week.

Here is a picture of some hand bells that I play quite often. In fact several times I week I'm practicing with them. Yes, they have letters on them.

But it's not these that I really wanted to share with you this week.

It's notes. Did you know that each music note is actually a letter. So every time you listen to music, any kind of music, you're listening to letters also. How cool is that!

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CindyMae said...

You are so creative! Those are all great pictures of "Letters"! Love them all! I also love those books that were your grandfathers, what a treasure you have there!

rachelizabeth said...

Love your letters.
You're welcome for the use of my sunglasses. :)

Shell @ Disappearing Mist said...

I love all of your ideas! The sunglasses photo is great!

Alice said...

you are the only person who captured music letters - you creative lady! whoot! whoot! great idea :O). i love all your other photos too :O). thanks for sharing.

feel free to come over and visit my post at The Shadow of the Cross. i did a crafty kind of letter.

Nieman Family said...

WooHoo I like the tiles...You have an creative eye...


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