Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Weekend of Summer Vacation

Yesterday was supposed to be a day celebrating the last weekend of our summer vacation. It started out GREAT!

We had promised to take Sam out to the Lego store so that he could spend his allowance that he had been saving up. He'd never been to one of there stores and could not wait to go. What was really fun was watching him as he was wondering around the store. He was so awe struck!

I love the fact that he kept his hand in his pocket and on his money. Check out his hand!

We also took him out for lunch at Tin Star. It was WONDERFUL! By that time it was time to head back home. It was roughly an hour or so drive and with it being the tax free weekend her we knew that we would run into some traffic.
Then on the highway home it happened. W.H.A.M.!!! We were hit from behind. We had heard the squealing of tires before it happened. We also hit the person in front of us. But since we were pretty much stopped on the highway (actually due to an earlier accident) we didn't hit them hard at all. They had a small dent in their fender. The front of our van has some damage but the back is where it really is. The alignment is off and we also have a flat tire in the front. I'm guessing we picked up some debris on the road from the accident and it was pretty much flat when we got home. Looking at the pictures just doesn't seem to do the damage justice. In real life it looks much worse. Here are some pictures of the back of the van:

Sam, Andy and I are all fine. I'm pretty darn sore. I jammed my right arm when it happened so from my shoulder down to my fingertips hurt pretty badly. I have a terrible headache and neck/backache to go along with it. It will take time but I'll heal. My emotions are going all over the place right now. Which is driving me crazy. I'm the one in this family that keeps most of her emotions in check. Now I'm walking around fine one minute, sad and crying another, then turn around and I'm raging mad. TIME will heal it all...that I know. But for now I guess I'm living in the moment.


natalee said...

The legos store is my kids dream.. we went to the one outside of disney at our last trip and thats all they talk about...glad u r enjoying..THE LAST WEEK

emilymomto3boys said...

Yikes! That's terrible! I am glad you are all ok - and I hope things get straightened out soon and that you feel normal soon.

And the lego store looks awesome! Andy saved up his birthday money and bought a huge set online at the lego shop - some 1200 piece set. He loved it!

Kirsten said...

Ohh, Things were going so well at the Lego store and lunch. Accidents are just awful. I am so glad you all are ok. That's the most important thing. I pray that you feel better soon.

Lisa said...

Yikes! Glad you weren't hurt any worse.

I bet he was holding his hand on his money to keep it from burning a hole! lol

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Oh geeze Kim... I am so glad you all are safe. That had to be scary.

I am glad the day started out good... sorry to hear it ended this way.

Praying you feel better soon.

Tomara said...

OH MY! If those pictures don't do it justice then it must be horrid! I'm so sorry! How incredibly frustrating. I'm glad all are physically fine. Praying that any legal stuff is taken care of smoothly and quickly.

PS. I want a Lego store near me!

Elizabeth said...

Glad you're all safe and sound. It's amazing how our bodies can hurt after an accident like that.

My son would absolutely love that store...we don't have one of those around here. But he's into his legos right now. What fun!

Anonymous said...

We are so glad you to read that you are safe.

Those kind of things can happen so fast!

Did you hear about the stuff you put in your tires so they don't go flat? has a video showing a car driving over spikes and the tires staying round.

We are praying your next vacation is just as memorable but less painful. :)

Be Blessed.


crystal said...

I just met your blog but i am Soooooo happy that you are all Ok!!!

Accidents happen but Miracles are what is important and they happen all the time too;)

Hoping you have some insurance that will fix your ride up quick Sweetie!!
Hope you feel better soon,
Bright Blessings to you and your family;)

CindyMae said...

Thank God you are all ok!!! I am sorry that you all had to go through that!!!

Sam does look so cute holding on to that money!!

Vicki said...

I am so glad you are all okay! Pictures never seem to get how really bad the accident was. Please get yourself checked out if you continue having headaches!

Manders said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Just remember it is a car and everyone is safe. Cars can be replaced, but people can not!! Hang in there, girl!!

Tina said...

the lego store looks wonderful. a childs heaven no doubt!

sorry about your accident :(

Aisling said...

My kids visited the lego store over the time I was out of town. They love that store! YIKES on your accident, but on another note we have the same van (different color).

Lorna said...

Thank God this story had a reasonably happy ending--not that being full of rage is a happy thing, but it is natural, and you're all safe. On another note, your son is so delightful, just on that line between boy and man.

Suzanne said...

Oh least you are all okay!!! Hope your vacation was so much fun it made up for this!:-)


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