Thursday, August 20, 2009


This afternoon while I was fixing our lunches I remembered that I had some cut up peaches that were nearing the end of their life in our fridge. What to do. I got out our blender, poured in all the peaches and their juices, poured in some milk, added a couple of handfuls of ice, some wheat germ, and a couple of Sweet n Low packets. Blended it all up and I had a wonderfully cold peachy smoothie! Sam will not drink any of this so I ended up with 3 cups worth left over. So I poured it into a container and have stuck it into the freezer. I'm hoping it will make for a great frozen dessert. We'll see.


Elizabeth said...

I love coming up with little recipes like that. Btw, give him a kiss too...I have a son that will be nine in Oct. and he acts like that's the end of the world! Love your pics.
I'm following you from mom blogger. Check out my blog.

Manders said...

I will have to try that the next time I have some fruit that is going bad. My son wouldn't touch it, either!

Staci said...

It sounds yummy! We turn everything into smoothies around here-the easiest way to get good stuff into my little one!

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

mmm this looks yummy!

I found you from MBC!

reener said...

What a fantastic idea! You're so clever!


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