Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Updates & A Sneak Peek

Can you believe that it's already October? I sure can't! Seems like the school year just started and now we're already 6 weeks into it. Where oh where did the time go. Sam is doing great this year in school. He has an amazing teacher and Sam hasn't received a single "sign-in" along with getting some pretty amazing grades too!

We have however changed Sam's medicine. Since this past May Sam grew 2 1/2" but he lost 10 lbs. So now he's 4'7" tall and only weights 63 lbs. Unfortunately I don't know if this medicine is working or not. He's now having problems with sporadic emotional swings along with what seems like agitated hyperness. On the upside he is eating much more now so I guess you could say that at least we've taken one step forward. I'll be calling the doctor to see if we can't move his next appointment up and either change the dosage or the medicine again. I know that the right medicine is out there for Sam as we had one that worked as far as helping with the ADHD it's now just finding the one that will do that and let him gain some weight. UPDATE: We have now returned to the original medicine that we had left behind. We will work more on the weight gain. He did however gain 2 lbs in the past 2 weeks!

We all seem to be terribly busy these days and that is one reason I've fallen behind on this blog.

Sam ~

Flag Football is going great! They are still undefeated! It is wonderful to have Sam on a winning team again. For the past few years with both soccer and basketball he has been on great teams with great coaches but he hasn't won a single game. Now we have all three! Great team, great coach and we're winning. Now if we could just get our weather to cooperate so that they will have practice this week.

Now that Sam is in the 4th grade he was eligible to try out for the schools Percussion Club. You need to know that Sam has been wanting to play the drums since he could pick up a stick and bang it on a pot. He found out last week that he made the club! We were all so excited and proud of him for making it. I now have a drummer in my house.

Sam has also joined again for the second year the Battle of the Books at school. They get together once a week after school, read 5 books through out the year, and then they "battle" at the end of the school year against other Elementary schools that have read the same books.

I'm not sure yet as we haven't received the information yet but I think that Sam will also join the Running Club at school. If he does it will be his third year doing so. With the Running Club the past two years he has ran 3 different 5k's!

Scouts has started back up again too and along with that is Popcorn Sales! Sam has stated that he wants to sell $2500 so that he can get his college scholarship started. So far he has sold right around $300 and we've just gotten started. Since I don't work and Andy doesn't work where he can take the forms to work it's up to Sam and I to get it out there. There is also a website where you can purchase popcorn! Trail's End is the site and this is the link directly to Sam. I would appreciate it if you would help Sam earn this scholarship! Please just remember that if you are close enough to us or you are family/friends that I will see over a holiday break (and can mail me a check) please just contact me directly to order and don't order online. I'm trying to save some of you the shipping. THANK YOU!!!!!


With the beginning of the school year here Andy has been very busy with work. He is gone pretty much every day...all day. He is giving classroom presentations during the school day and then during the nights and weekends he is doing in-home interviews and college fairs. For those of you that don't know Andy is a recruiter for Full Sail University.

Me ~

I too have been busy with the beginning of the school year. First and foremost I get Sam to all the above. Our choir just finished recording and we'll be having a concert on November 1st along with debuting our album! This will be an amazing concert. Our orchestra will also be performing. Just to wet your appetite here is one of the songs that is on our album. It's an early release! The only way that I could share this number with you is to set this song to some photos and make a movie out of it. So without further ado here is the First United Methodist Church, Mansfield TX, Chancel Choir singing "Joyful, Joyful"

Handbells have started back up and our concert is also upcoming. In fact it's right around the corner. The date is October 18th and if you're in the area come on over.

I am also tapping again. I love this group of women and I look forward to every class.

Since the school year has started so has PTA. I am the Treasure again this year and as most of you know the beginning and end of the school years are the busiest times for the PTA. It's a lot of fun.

SO...now you understand why I've been "lost" from here.


Lisa said...

I know what you mean about October! We are 9 weeks into the school year and enjoying our Fall Break this week. Crazy!

We went through the ADHD meds and weight loss last year. It stinks. My son ended up with an abnormal EEG that brought on a second med. Thankfully, the two meds have opposite side effects in the eating/hunger dept. so now he's nicely balanced! Weird how things work out...

Lisa @
All That and a Box of Rocks

rachelizabeth said...

I'm glad everyone is doing well. I'm not sure how you keep up with all of Sam's and your activities. Pretty much all we do is baseball and that's enough! Of course, with the boys schedules, we have baseball every day except Friday and Saturday.

I'll buy popcorn online - I'll order next week.

CindyMae said...

I pray that the new medication works well for Sam! You are all so busy!! The choir sounds amazing and that is one of my many many favorites. To many good ones to have just a few favorites. Anyhoo, the choir sounds fantastic!! Thanks for sharing!!

...just-rambling... said...

You're amazing that you can keep up with it all! I wish I could afford to order popcorn, but I'm on a limited budget. Hope he does well!

Rachelle said...

How fun you posted that song. There is nothing like the FUMC Mansfield Choir. Brings back so many memories to hear that.


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