Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Blog Dare

As you can see from the top button over on the left side I've decided to take the plunge and accept "The Blog Dare". Over at Community of Moms (which is a wonderful site and group of ladies by the way) the owner/creator has put up a dare of blogging every day of the year. I've been wanting to get back into blogging and this was the way to do it for me. So far I've been doing pretty good but then again it is only the 3rd day into it. Do you think you can do this? If so, click on the button and join us! It's going to be fun!

The Moms Network


rachelizabeth said...

Good luck! I'd love to be able to do this, but my words come and go - I can write and write and write for a few weeks, and then I have nothing to say for a while. I'll look forward to reading your posts!

Tiffany Noth said...

So far, it has been much easier to write than I anticipated. It's only been six days... :) Though it does have my creative juices flowing.


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