Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is A Book A Book When It's Not A Book?

The title is the question that has been going around lately with a few friends of mine. I recently started to listen to books on my MP3 player while doing things around the house, going for walks or exercising or while waiting for Sam at one of his many activities where actually reading a book just isn't feasible. I started doing this because I really want to read more books this year but am having the trouble finding the time to read more. I do read some nights before going to sleep but it's just not every night like I used to as I'm pretty tired lately. The conversation all started when I told some friends of what I was doing. They loved the idea but also said that it's not really "reading" a book. Well I say it is. No, I didn't hold the book in my hands and feel the pages as I turned them. No, I didn't even use an electronic reading device (Kindle or the like) but I did listen to the book being read to me. When children are younger they say that reading a child a book is just as good as them reading it themselves. Wouldn't that still hold true for us adults? What do you think? Would you count it as having read the book or not?


Paula said...

Nope. I'd have to say it's listening not reading. Otherwise you could say that you read the play when you went to the theatre. At least I think not...

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

I would say that yes, it's fair to say you 'listened' to that book. It's okay. It counts. It's economical. You get stuff done.

Following from MBC!!!

Anonymous said...

There was a time I didn't consider listening to books actually reading, but I do now. My kids used to listen to books on CD all the time. Every time they were in their rooms, while they were doing other things, they were listening to books. But I had never listened to a book, so I didn't think it was the same. Now I listen to books on my MP3 player when I walk every morning, and I count all the books I read/listen to.

Also, different people learn or take in information differently. For me, I really need to read something to get it, actually see it written on the page. So, listening to books is harder for me. I still feel like I'm missing stuff, but it's getting better. Other people learn better when they hear something, so for them listening is a better way to get the story or the information, and the reading is harder.

Did that make any sense? First time I visit your blog, and I write you a book. LOL!

D... said...

I'm on the fence. I would certainly count it in my book count, tho.


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