Friday, January 22, 2010

Looking At The Sky On Friday

We actually had some FANTASTIC weather today! It got up to 78 degrees! Can you believe that? Our normal high here should be in the 50s. Not near 80! Oh well. I'm not going to complain to loudly. Today we had blue skies and white whispy clouds. Enjoy!

whispy clouds

If you would like to see more head on over to CrAzY Working Mom to see more.


Crazy Working Mom said...

I love the brushed strokes! The sky is a beautiful canvas. I ♥ it. :)

Thanks so much for playing along.

-Tisha @ Looking @ The Sky on Friday

Anonymous said...

I love that blue, and the wispy clouds, too!

We were above freezing today - around 40° or so - pretty good for Wisconsin in January.

rachelizabeth said...

I have loved the mild weather this week!

The sky is so beautiful - definitely worth looking at!

Small Burst said...

Wow. I'm in DC. Wish it was 78 degrees here. Great blog and great photos! Following from MBC.


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