Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Spring Break has ended and school started back up again. We had a great time this past week and ended up not doing much at all, which ended up being a welcomed change. Sam and I usually go up to Springfield, MO, and spend the week with my parents but this year we opted to stay home. It worked out really well as Sam was ill starting the Tuesday evening before Spring Break was even here. He was out of school Wed, Thurs and Friday. He was sick to his stomach one day, had a fever the next and then he had a low fever and body aches on the last few days. I would say that by last Monday he was finally feeling better which was a good thing because it was officially the first day of Spring Break. I kept pleading with him so I could get out asking Sam if there was something he wanted to to do like possibly go hiking, take him to a movie, biking, park, or just plain ole get out of the house. Nope! Here is his answer, "I want to spend as much time as I can in my inner sanctum". I know, I know...HIS WHAT? But that's what he said. So that's what he did. He played games, built with his Legos, watched TV and movies that we had here at home at his Inner Sanctum, drew pictures and just plain ole rested.

Fast forward through the week...my dear friend Rachel (Go over and visit her!  I'll wait...) and her three boys came up from Houston for a visit. They moved from here this past summer and we haven't seen them since. Sam invited David, Rachel's oldest, to spend the night on Friday night while they were up here visiting and when I told them both that there was no official "bedtime" they decided that they would stay up all night long. Guess what! THEY DID! Let me tell you...we had two tired boys come the following morning. They stayed awake until almost noon on Saturday and then crashed big time out in the living room.



David all curled up on the couch and Sam all snug down in his sleeping bag where no one could see him. They slept until almost dinner time. They were still tired when they woke up but once we got dinner down them they were more human again.

Andy was so kind to watch all four boys while Rachel and I went out shopping on Saturday morning. We had fun for sure and we both came home with new purses and a stop at Starbucks! What a great morning! 


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rachelizabeth said...

It was fun! I still can't believe the boys stayed up all night long...crazy! Oh, well. Those are memories that will last.


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