Saturday, August 21, 2010

PhotoHunt ~ Numerical

Today's theme for PhotoHunt is Numerical.  Last Saturday we took Sam bowling for the first time in several years.  I have been clipping coupons off the back of frozen pizza boxes for free bowling games and thought it would be great to take him bowling.  He was THRILLED to go and did a fantastic job bowling.  Here are our scores.  As you can see Sam came in second but he wasn't that far off from Andy.  I on the other hand didn't do so well.  We have more coupons for free games and our Sunday School class is going bowling again tomorrow after church...families and all!  It will be a lot of fun.
While you're here I'd love for you to spend a minute to vote for three photos that I have entered into Rayovac's photo contest.  They are titled "Enjoying the Pool", "Majestic Murphy" and "Jumping Over the Water". Thank you and I really appreciate every vote!  You can also vote for these photos every 24 hours.


Janine said...

wow perfect photo for the theme..bowling is fun..I love doing it with friends and family..

my entry is up too

see you and have a blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

Perfect for this theme!!!

You can find mine here:

Eds said...

very creative! like it a lot

rachelizabeth said...

Perfect for the theme!

Don't worry about the scores...82 is an excellent score for me! =)


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