Friday, October 15, 2010

From Sam's Mouth

Yesterday I told Sam that he got his Pen Pal information from his Pen Pal Club at school. Sam asked if it was a boy and I said yes. Here is his response, "Good...Girls are boring...unless it's Rachel." Rachel is his cousin. Now that is sweet.

Yesterday evening on the way home from his Scout meeting he asked me when would he become an adult. I asked him when he thought he would. Here is his response, "I'll be an adult when I'm 30."

Love this kid!


rachelizabeth said...

I love Sam's comments! He's so...blunt! By the way, I didn't feel like I was an adult until I was 30. Sometimes even now, I don't feel like one. :)

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

LOL Sam is such a cutie! My hubby will be 43 and he is still a child at times. LOL


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