Friday, December 31, 2010

100 Joys ~ 36 through 43

It's New Years Eve and I'm still plugging my way through the 100 Joys.  Here are #36 ~ #43.

#36...Here is the sunrise that I saw one morning as I arrived to work.  Just moments after I took this photo the sun had risen above the clouds and it was dreary and gray.  I wondered how many people had missed this spectacular site. Sam enjoying a small plastic recorder.  He received it after his last piano lesson of this year.  Purchased it with his own piano bucks he had earned over the past few months along with quite a few other little toys...but this had to be the one that he had to play with the whole ride home. what I see on my living room floor every day.  I love watching my son build.  He has such the imagination that he really can create anything out of Legos.

#39...see?  He made this plane out of the lego pieces you see above.  No kit...just put it together.

#40...seeing the joy on my sons face as he opens up the blanket/quilt that I made for him.  It has stayed by his side since he has opened it.  

#41...Sam loving the games that a dear friend of ours gave to him...Thanks Wendy and family!!!

#42...the sunrise the morning after Christmas just outside the DFW area.  Saw it on our way to Missouri to visit with family. finally seeing a cold temperature!

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