Thursday, December 30, 2010

100 Joys ~ 29 through 35

I'm really enjoying going through all the pictures that I have taken throughout this holiday season and reminiscing. What will be really nice is to look back on this time in a year or so and remember all the joys. Here are some more!

#29...when good friends get together to enjoy a girls night. We talked and talked and talked some more and then watched "Elf". It was a great evening and I love that we were able to get everyone to take this group photo.

# 30...watching my husband give a dear friend a goofy Christmas gift.  A pooping reindeer.  We ended up staying over at their house and loved watching all of us have a good time.  Her son and Sam talked baseball cards and all the adults had fun just chatting away.

#31...the quilt/blanket that I made for Sam for it is almost done.  Ready to put the front and back together. 

#32...having great neighbors.  Our doorbell rang the week of Christmas and one of our neighbors was standing there with a Butterball turkey!  It was already thawed so we cooked it and shared it with some friends on Christmas Day.  YUM!

#33...Sam putting out the cookies and milk for Santa. 

#34...Sam's face as he dumps his stocking.

#35...COOKIES!  Especially made from scratch Chocolate Chip Peppermint cookies.
What are some of your joys?  I'd love to hear them.  Or better yet...what cookies do you put out for Santa???

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