Tuesday, December 28, 2010

100 Joys ~ 24 through 28

Now that Christmas is over and I have time again to sit back down to the computer I'm continuing on with my 100 Joys.  I've had a lot of them and I hope that I can remember them all.

#24 is seeing Sam with one of his new friends.

#25 is seeing Sam ask to help a friend of ours cook some spaghetti noodles. I had to get a picture of it because he rarely asks to help out in the kitchen at home. But he offered to help without being told to do so.

#26 is Christmas Caroling.  What fun we had. And just so you know...it was not snowing...but I made it look like it was because it sure would have been nice to have some.

#27 is finding a new friend.

#28 is having warm days in the 80's to play baseball in the yard.  Just another reminder that we live in TX and you never know what the temperature will be the week before Christmas.

What other joys have you found this past few days?  I'll share more later...now back to editing my photos.

1 comment:

The Drama Mama said...

I like this 100 joys thing you have going here.

Christmas isn't quite over as there is still some unwrapping to do over at my place. Just for you.



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