Thursday, December 16, 2010

100 Joys

Continuing on my journey to find 100 Joys this Christmas season....

#8 This little Santa sits on top of my computer tower and I enjoy bringing him out every year.  A parent of one of my preschoolers (back when I taught) gave them out as gifts to her kids teachers.  The fun part is that the back side of him and the part that makes him stand up is filled with peppermints (yes, I do replenish them every year).  The joy...IT'S SANTA!

#9 Motherhood! This one really is a joy no matter what the title of this book says.  It sits on my bakers stand in my kitchen and was given to me by my mom.  It's so true and I wouldn't change it for the world!

#10 This joy is all about perspective.  When was the last time you laid underneath your Christmas Tree?  I remember doing it as a child and now I see Sam doing it all the time.  So, I do it with him.  This picture however is taken of the Christmas tree that I have on my kitchen counter looking up from underneath. 

#11 This joy is all about appreciating art.  I love art...all forms of art including abstract art, even if I don't get it and sometimes think it's very weird.  But you have to appreciate it and when I do see a piece of art it gives me joy.  We saw this piece at the mall when we went to visit the trains.

#12 Mini Christmas Trees and Poinsettia plants will always bring a smile to my face and bring in that joy!

What are the joys that you have of this season?  Share with us!

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Anonymous said...

A great post. Joy is in the details and one's perspective.

Today Joy for me was having time to sit and read a book.

And baking cookies to share with friends.


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