Thursday, January 6, 2011

100 Joys ~ #62 - #68 ~ Zoo Edition

I guess you could call this the continuation of the 100 Joys Zoo Edition.

#62.....This donkey has been in the petting zoo of the zoo for as long as I can remember.  I could be wrong...maybe it's just another one that looks like an older one.  Either way it brought me joy seeing it there again and since it was right after Christmas it made me think of the Christmas story and the donkey that carried Mary.

#63...While we were wondering around the reptile house I found myself being the only one by the python.  I was watching him all curled up sleeping when he all of a sudden raised his head, yawned and then laid back down again.  I love that I got to witness that moment, had my camera and got to share it with all of you.

#64...Catching my niece being silly again.  I really do love these moments more than the poised photos.  But since #65 is poised I guess I can't say to much.

#65...a group shot at the zoo.  Sam was in pain as he kept telling us that he was desperate to go use the restroom but we wouldn't let him go until we were done taking photos.  Aren't we mean?!?!  But we weren't that mean because he didn't go right away after we were done taking these photos.  He stopped to look at a few more animals along the way before he ran ahead of us.  I think he was just tired of us taking pictures.

#66...Another moment with his cousins is captured.  Still has that pained look but I love this one.  Being with them that day did bring me much joy.

#67...see he still hasn't made it to the restroom and he still has that pained look on his face.  I caught the both of them leaning over a wooden fence watching the geese.  Moments captured in time when they had no idea that I was taking their picture is a wonderful thing.

#68...taking the over the shoulder/seat shot of my niece reading on the way home from the zoo.  I love how much she reads.
Only 32 more Joys to go and I'll be done with this project.  It's taken me a bit long than I expected but I am enjoying it more and more every day.  I have also enjoyed looking back at all of them too and I am thankful that I decided to do this project.

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