Sunday, January 23, 2011

DONE! 100 Joys - #90 - #100

I'll be honest. I've had a terrible time trying to finish my 100 Joys for this past Holiday season. I thought it would be simple. I did start after the "official" start date but that really isn't an excuse. It's amazing how one feels after the holidays have long past and you just want to move on. But I want to finish this one. So here we go...the last of my 100 Joys.

#90...I love Clementines this time of year and I look forward to them every year.  This year they seem especially sweet and juicy.

#91...A big joy for me is finding one of my Grandfather's Bibles in a box of Christmas decorations.  I'm now using this bible along with the bible that was given to us on our wedding day.  They both mean so much to me.  Even though I would like a new Bible...go figure. 

#92...a gorgeous afternoon after a few days of terribly cold and windy days.

#93 - #100...I feel as though I'm cheating on these.  I didn't take these pictures.  When we were up visiting my parents they took us along with my sister and her family to go get family pictures taken.  These are the results of that photo session.  It was a great time and I cherish family and hold them all close to my heart.  So I think it will be okay to use these as my last joys of the season. sister and her family. wonderful parents! sister and myself along with our parents. No...she's not that much taller than me.  Just had to say that.  But she is taller.

#96...the whole crew.

#97...Sam with his cousins and Grandparents. family.

#99...all of us again.

 #100...Sam and his cousins.  This has to be my favorite photo from that session.

Well there you have it.  All 100 Joys from this past Christmas season.  I did it and I'm so happy that I did even if it did take me much longer than expected.  I'll do this again next year...I hope.

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rachelizabeth said...

LOVE the family photos! That's a perfect way to wrap up 100 joys! I'd tell you which is my favorite - but they're all so good, I can't decide. =)


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