Saturday, April 23, 2011

This and That

What a busy couple of weeks it has been.  I don't think I see the light at the end of the tunnel yet either.  I did my first craft fair and beat my own goal.  Of course that goal was just to break even and I did and then some!  I've also signed up to do two more craft fairs.  One next month at a local Elementary school and the other one is in June at a Business Expo and Craft Fair.  So now I've been busy with keeping the sock making going.  Hopefully I'll get the headbands going soon as well.

Sam is still doing great with school and we've signed him up to attend Connections Academy again next year.  He is still making straight A's and I just got an email from his teacher this week letting me know that he passed both of his Math and Reading TAKS tests!  WOO HOO!  Don't know the actual scores yet but just to know that he passed is fantastic!

Today I've spent the day baking and cooking.  Actually I'm still doing the baking and cooking but decided to take a small break to sit down and relax a bit.  I've made a Coconut Pie, an Easter Hunt Pie, baked some sweet potatoes for a Sweet Potato and Pear dish and I've also cooked some chicken breasts for my Chicken Noodle Casserole and for my Chicken Enchiladas.  WHEW!  It made me even more tired just to type it all out.  If you're wanting recipes keep checking back here as I'll post them soon.  Need to make sure they all come out okay first.

Tomorrow is Easter!!!  LOVE EASTER!  In fact that is why I did most of the above baking/cooking today.  Since a lot of us in my Sunday School class live away from family we decided that we'll all get together tomorrow afternoon for a big Easter dinner.  As of last count there will be 22 of us there!  WOW!  It will be a lot of fun and some great memories will be made.

Break time is over....back to the kitchen for me.


Rachel Elizabeth. said...

So happy that Sam is doing so well in school! David gets to take the TAKS this next week. Wish him luck!

All that baking sounds yum. And how fun is it to celebrate with the Sunday School class?! That's such a great idea! By the way, I really miss y'all - and the church. The past couple of weeks, I've just wanted to pack up and move back.

HAPPY EASTER to you! <3

Noahsarkgirl said...

I should have joined your sunday school class when I had a chance:) I have an award for you. You can find it at my blog

Manders said...

Sounds like you will be having a fabulous time with your Sunday School class. Hugs to you!!


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