Sunday, July 31, 2011

Money Mondays ~ Week 31 in 2011

Sorry I've been gone from my own blog hop for so long.  I've moved and am now, hopefully, settled not only in the house but also in life.  Hahaha, who am I kidding...when are we ever settled in life?  So let's see all the new items you have out there for sale!  I can't wait to hop around and see them all...not to mention promote them!

It's Monday and time to link-up and join in on the Blog Hop for Money Mondays. To read how Money Mondays got started check out my Money Mondays Page.

So here we go! Link Up your Etsy Stores, Shop Websites, Photography Sites, ect. I'm enjoying hosting this blog hop every week and visiting all of yours as well. Grab the button above and place it on your site. Please remember to keep it family friendly. Explicit Sites will be removed.  Remember to grab the Blog Hop Code below to place on your blog so that we all benefit from this hop!  Let's all have some fun, promote our own businesses and check out every one else!


Roxanne @ Eight Cat Design said...

Thanks for the exposure!


Erin McKenzie said...

Thanks so much for the exposure, I truly appreciate it!

Egyptian Inspirations said...

Thanks for the opportunity. x

Erin said...

Thank you so much for this.

Angely Dobbs said...

Thank you for the publicity! You are an angel.... :)

moonsafari said...

Hi, thanks for the opportunity! This is so cool, it's great to discover others' shops too! :)

LizabethDezigns said...

Awesome! I found a lot of cool blogs, items, and shops. Now I love link ups!



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