Saturday, December 17, 2011

100 Joys ~ #11- #14 ~ Friends, Inspiration, Crafts and Cats

Joys # 11-#14

My 11th has been in the works for over a year.  One of my best friends, Beth, is teaching Sam the piano and in return I'm teaching her how to sew, knit and crochet.  Last year I taught her sewing and this year I'm teaching her how to crochet.  The joy in her eyes and face as soon as she finished her first scarf was priceless.  Today I taught her how to make a Granny Square.

My 12th Joy isn't one that I can take a picture least not yet.  Since this past March I've slowly lost weight.  Not as much as I would have wished, only 20 pounds, but it's a start.  Beth and my sister, Amy, have lost quite a bit of weight and have really made themselves healthier.  They have become my inspiration to continue this journey to lose my weight and to have a healthier lifestyle.

My 13th Joy is crafting in general.  I make a few things for myself but everything else is for others.  Because the joy of making and giving is an amazing feeling.

My 14th Joy is one of our cats.  Yesterday evening, when the sun was starting to set, he was sitting by our Christmas tree and watching the birds out the window.  It took me several tries to get his attention but he finally turned around so that I could take his picture.  This cat has no shame.  No matter who comes into this house he'll be all over them.  Giving them his unconditional love, no matter what.  That's how we all should be.

What are your 100 Joys this Season?  What joy is God putting  in front  of you to see?  Blog about your 100 Joys and come back here  every  Sunday to link up!

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