Wednesday, December 14, 2011

100 Joys ~ #7 & #8 ~ Cards and Shows

Joy # 7 & 8

Joy #7...I love sending out Christmas Cards but I haven't been able to the past few years. This year I blogged for my cards. How cool is that! They arrived the other day after I pondered over the hundreds of choices for our card. I started addressing them the other night and then realized that I could hand deliver a big bunch of them.

Joy #8...Watching the older Christmas shows always brings back great memories. And watching them with my son year after year is creating even more memories. I hope that one year he'll be able to sit down with his children and watch these shows and remember when we used to do so ourselves.

And what is best part of Joys #7 & #8 ?  The fact that I did them on the same evening.  Addressing Christmas Cards and watching Christmas specials with my son...priceless!

What are your 100 Joys this Season?  What joy is God putting in front of you to see?  Blog about your 100 Joys and come back here every Sunday to link up!

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