Sunday, January 1, 2012

100 Joys ~ #27 - #32 ~ Christmas Eve Eve To Christmas Morning

Joy # 27 - #32

Where has this past week gone?  I have a week to get the rest of my 100 Joys up here.  Will I get it done?  Who knows.  For right now I'll start with Christmas Eve Eve, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

#27 is the joy of singing in my church choir for Christmas Eve Eve service.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Our church has a Christmas Eve Eve service for those that travel or have family gatherings and still want to go to a Christmas Eve service.

#28 would of course be singing on Christmas Eve.

#29 is playing in the Christmas Eve Bell Choir at the 10:00 service on Christmas Eve.  I love playing the hand bells and playing them on Christmas Eve is always a joy.

#30 is finding our cat, Spanky, on Santa's hat acting as though this is exactly what he should be doing.

#31  is seeing that Santa still visits our house even if Sam doesn't believe anymore.

#32...even if he doesn't believe it's great to see the Joy on his face when he sees his stocking.

Come back tomorrow for more of my Joys.


Leighannn said...

He looks so happy!!
Wonderful Joys!

The Mom Pledge said...

I used to play in my church's bell choir! It was years ago, in high school. We'd tour all over the country in the summer. So fun. And such a beautiful sound! Love it! :)

Stopping by from The Mom Pledge blog hop...


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