Tuesday, January 3, 2012

100 Joys ~ #34 - #41 ~ Christmas Day

Joy #34 - #41

For my next Joys I'd like to share with you Sam on Christmas morning. 

Joy #34 is Sam getting a Sock Monkey out of his stocking.  He's been asking for one for a long time now, including this year, and they are not the easiest to find without spending a fortune.  This one was a mini one and only cost a few dollars! 

Joy #35 The other item that Sam started asking for this year is a Pooping Reindeer.  Yes, you read that correctly, a Pooping Reindeer.  Found one!

Joy #36 & #37 is finally seeing Sam get some St. Louis Cardinals swag.  Since we live down here in TX Rangers territory it's really hard to get any Cardinal items.  And since we've become a TX Ranger family we had to ask our Missouri family to get Sam some.  So for Christmas his Grandparents got him a shirt and calendar.  He was thrilled! 

Joy #38 is a present that I received from Andy.  It's a frame with butterflies and the words Love, Live, Laugh on them with a quote on glass in the middle. It's now proudly hanging in my kitchen where I can see it every day.  Here is the quote:

Joy #39 is spending a quite Christmas day with my family.  Just resting and being together.  It was WONDERFUL!

Joy #40 is going to sound kind of weird to some...but I was able to finish cleaning up the house before my parents and nieces arrived to spend last week with us.  It's a great feeling having a clean house.  Now I just need to maintain.  sigh

Joy #41 is a great one...my parents and nieces were able to spend most of last week with us.  I think that was the best Christmas present I could have asked for.

Come back tomorrow to see my other Joys!

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