Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finally Up!

Finally have our tree up! I know I'm late in getting it up but with everything happening with us not knowing if we have a place to live and when anything will happen about it I kind of put it off. That and we've just been terribly busy. So, yesterday and today we got the tree up and decorated! We also finally did something that I have always wanted to do. We strung popcorn and cranberries! Sam even said, "Mom, this is really fun!". Boy was I surprised. I will have to say that I did most of them but it was still time that we spent as a family. Even Andy strung some of them. (Remember that if you want you can click on the pictures below to seem them full size.)

What started as this......

Slowly after much limb arranging turned into this...

Which finally today turned into this wonderful looking tree. At least it is wonderful looking to me. Sam and I worked on it for quite some time. I'll admit there were times where I got agitated at where he was putting some of the ornaments but I got over it and guided him to where some of them should go. He was wanting to put them basically all in the same area. Half way through decorating he asked if he could have a break. I said yes and kept decorating. We've waited long enough to get it up and I didn't want to finish it later this evening. So it is finally done!

Here are two more pictures of the tree close up. Enjoy!


Debbie said...

Hi Kim,

You left a comment on my blog, so figured when I visited yours I ought to do the same.

Glad you got your tree up. No excuse when it's fake. We put ours up early since you take it out of the box and ours already has lights on it and is so pretty we don't put any decorations on it since it's usually just us. Youngest son and his family are coming this year, but they will have to put up with no tree decorations.

crazy working mom said...

Beautiful job! :)

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

D... said...

Beautiful tree!!


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