Monday, December 31, 2007

This Christmas...

This Christmas was a wonderful one. This year we didn't have a sick child. This year we didn't spend a good part of Christmas Eve or several days after in and out of an urgent care and doctors offices. This year my son enjoyed Christmas the way a child should enjoy Christmas. This year I enjoyed watching my son enjoy his Christmas. This year...I enjoyed Christmas.

Enjoy the pictures:

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crazy working mom said...

Those power scissors were AMAZING for opening all of the over packaged toys and such weren't they!? We bought a set and I wish we'd have gotten two or three. They are amazing!

Looks like a great haul, and you guys had a wonderful Christmas. I loved the beautifully wrapped box also!

I wanna go to Six Flags!!! :)

Kim said...

So...when are you going to come over to go to Six Flags???

Stacey said...

Kim, hey!! I've moved my blog content so much many of my contacts fell off my radar, this was such a pleasant surprise. And then to go over to the MW forum and see you there too!

Sam has changed so much over the months, you may not notice it, but wow, trust me, the boy is growing leaps and bounds. And beautiful.

I appreciate the encouragement you left, more than you know. With friends and family, yourself included, I will be just fine. Pray for us. And....I left you a PM over at the forum. And now, I'm off to link you up with me again--hooray! xoxo

MO Treatman Family said...

Great pics. Thanks so much for posting. What a blessing that you're all healthy and doing well. It makes all the difference doesn't it. My cold at least waited until after Christmas to hit, but I've been down for 5 days. I look forward to reading more. Keep posting.


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