Thursday, May 22, 2008

40PC, #4

It's time for 40PC, #3. If you would like to play click on the picture above and see what it's all about! Here is this weeks picture that was taken by Pensieve herself. I had a hard time doing it in 40 words or less this week but I ended up with exactly 40. Enjoy!
Cherry or Strawberry on a stick,
You know you want a lick!

Green fields are pulling me to go play
But the sucker wants me to stay.

Stay and lick it's sugary delight.
Can I make it last till night?


Now my son, Sam, has written a poem to go with the picture:

Little Lollipop, pop, pop, pop,
I give you a slurp.

I lick you with delight.
I can not wait till night.

Lollipop, lollipop good night.

And now two more that he just wrote off the top of his head:

It's a fact.
It's a fact.
We know it's really true
How about you?

Butter, butter
I truly adore you.
I like the goo
That is in you.

He really is a creative kid. LOVE HIM!


RACH said...

Sam's poems ROCK!!!! I liked his "reply" to your lollipop poem - especially about not waiting until night. The others were great also (and that's a fact!)

D... said...

Sam is a creative little dude!

I can never turn down a cherry lollipop. Yum!

marmiteandtea said...

All those poems are great, you two got really creative.

Tammy said...

it's true, I remember as a kid, saying just wait I'll play as soon as I finish my sucker! Couldn't run around with a stick coming out of my mouth. Great poems Sam!

ChrisB said...

These are all great and you are both very talented. Mine is not worth visiting I can tell you!

hulagirlatheart said...

Great poems!

karisma said...

Wow! Very creative!

abowlofbeads said...

LOL!! :) Now I can't not smile when I see loliipops.

storyteller said...

How fun to see all three poetic responses to Pensieve’s photo this week! ‘Red’ was THE ‘flavor’ for me when I was young ;--)

Mine’s posted at Small Reflections. Hope you’ll find time to visit!
Hugs and blessings,


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