Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I've been busy around here and haven't had much time to not only visit my favorite blogs but also update my own.

The newest news, or at least it's news to Sam, is that we got a pool! I joined Freecycle and posted on several of the local groups that I had a son that loves to swim but we didn't have a pool. I had a lady that answered me and she had one that her daughter was getting rid of and it was mine! What I love about Freecycle is that it is free to join and everything must be free that you are giving away. So I now have an above ground pool that is 3 1/2 feet tall by 14 feet across, the ladder to get in it and the filter and hoses. This type of pool runs anywhere between $200 - $300 in the stores! Andy and I spent this last Friday and Saturday setting it up and Sam was in it late Saturday afternoon. As soon as we got home from church on Sunday he was back in it. And of course he was back in it yesterday. Here are a few pictures so far:
Starting to fill up the pool. Started on Friday evening and finished Saturday afternoon.
Sam checking out the progress of the pool. The wait was about to drive him (and us) crazy!
I asked Sam if he was excited about having a pool and you tell his answer by the look on his face.
Finally in the pool and enjoying himself. I know that I cut his head off in this photo and he's not centered but I still enjoy looking at the expression on his face. Pure happiness!
So far this is my favorite picture. In fact it is now the wallpaper on my computer.

I know that I'll be spending money on the upkeep of this pool but with the cost of gas now I know that I'll be coming out ahead in my pocketbook! Instead of having to drive to a pool or water park, which we still might do, I can walk out our backdoor and have a ton of fun in our own backyard.

Yesterday was Memorial Day and we had a wonderful dinner with two great friends, Beth and Bobby. They came over mid-afternoon and we had a lot of fun playing games, watching Sam swim in his pool, enjoying a wonderful dinner and of course friendship. I actually didn't take many pictures yesterday but do have some of my table and Beth's wonderful dessert.
Centerpiece was from a luncheon that was held at our church. I wasn't the "official" winner at the table I was sitting at but no one else really wanted it. I snatched it up and now have been putting it to use.
All that is missing now is the food!

Beth's dessert was sooooo good. And, Sam took this picture! He did a great job as the pictures I took of it didn't come out very good.

We had two milestones in Sam's life these past few weeks The first one is that Sam got his first Bible. He was very excited about receiving it and loves it. Of course, I had brought my camera with me to capture the moment but then realized that I had to go ring with one of the handbell choirs and couldn't take a picture then. So, I did the next best thing. I got a picture of him and our Senior Pastor after church.

Dear Sam,

I hope that one day you will look back on the day that you received your first Bible and know what a great day it was. I hope that your love of Jesus continues to grow and grow every day. I see you growing every day in your Christianity but probably don't tell you enough, I'll try to do better as you grow. I also wish for you that your children will learn as much from you as you do from them. I learn so much every day with you in my life. I thank God every day for putting you into our lives.

Love you,

The second milestone is that Sam has officially ranked as a Wolf in Cub Scouts. He had ranked quite earlier but we had the official ranking at our last Pack meeting. He's pretty proud of it and will now be a Bear next year.

I guess that's it for the updates now. I could go on and on with other things we have done but this is getting long enough. Counting today Sam only has 7 more days of school left and I don't know if he can contain his excitement about Summer Break starting. We are on our official countdown. We have a lot planned...but that's another post.


Petula Wright said...

I love Freecycle too. I've give and gotten a lot of great stuff. I guess my "biggest" get is the electric exercise bike. Now that is a real treat.

The pool looks great and Sam looks so happy. Those photos are priceless. He seems to be really enjoying everything: his first pool, his first Bible and each new milestone in Boy Scouts. How wonderful!

Linda said...

So funny-I was reading about the pool and "Dive" was playing on your list! That is one beautiful child. I liked that last pic, too, and then read you had it as your wallpaper. About my hair--I chose the first pic, and although it doesn't look exactly like it, I am happy, which is miraculous!

Kim said...

Freecycle is just so wonderful. Glad to see that someone else out there uses them too. Getting an exercise bike is just great!

Yes, Sam is very happy with the pool.

Kim said...

How funny! I have the music set to rotate so I never know what is going to be playing when someone arrives. Perfect song then for when you were visiting.

Glad you like your hair. I need a haircut desperately but just don't know what I want to get done. Hope that you post a picture soon. :)

crazy working mom said...

We had one of those pools last year. They are fun, but my only complaint is that when you get ready to take it down, you can't really dry it out. This year we're opting for one with the hard sides on it so you can drain it out and let it dry out before putting it away for the winter! Enjoy all of the fun you'll have in it this summer!!! :)
I bet that water was COLD when he got in for the first time, though.

Renna said...

I only recently came across your blog. Sam is a little doll (boy doll, that is). He has an incredible smile! :-)

Congrats on the free pool. That looks like such fun. Living in Texas, they're practically a necessity (says the woman in Texas who still doesn't have one)!

Bubba's Sis said...

Gotta have a pool in this Texas heat! Yay for Sam and all his milestones - have fun in that pool, dude!

Stacey said...

Sam rocks, Kim! Love all of this post, girl. We used to have a pool like that in our back yard and my kids absolutely loved it. I did too, it really did make our summers much nicer. We moved to a neighborhood with a pool, but I still miss that backyard pool tons.

PS--you don't ever have to apologize for not being around, I've been slack lately myself. Trust me, I'm cool. xoxo

abowlofbeads said...

Ooh! His smile says it all - "I'm the luckiest kid ever!!!!" :)

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Wow Kim... your little man has sure grown and looks so happy.

Congratulations Sam for his new bible and his graduation in Boyscouts...

Oh by the way... email's are bouncing.

D... said...

Busy indeed! But a good busy!

We had a pool in our backyard just like that. The kids LOVED it. Sadly, this year, hubby doesn't want to fool with it. :( Wah!


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