Saturday, June 6, 2009

Looking At The Sky On Friday


Okay so it's already Saturday and I forgot to post my Looking At The Sky On Friday picture so I'm doing it now. This was my view Thursday afternoon and today. I took Sam to Hawaiian Falls and had a great time relaxing while he was out having fun in the water. I also had fun in the water but I also had a lot of fun lounging around. If you'd like to see more sky pictures just click the icon above.

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Jim said...

Hi Kim, this is a nice picture.
Oh yes, it is a clear blue Texas sky with not a cloud in sight. But I never tire of looking at those, do you?
Happy Sky Looking, thank you for your visit and nice comment.
BTW, I am not misplaced, 'I got to Texas as soon as I could.' You will feel that way one of these days too.
I was born 35 miles north of Omaha, in the country, near Herman, Neb.


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