Monday, March 8, 2010

Sam's Birthday

As most of you know we only have one child.  He's the light of our eyes.  We don't have much and can't afford to give Sam exactly what he wants whenever he wants it.  So you can only imagine the look on Sam's face when we gave him an early birthday present.  Here's a peek:


Through Craigslist we found a PS2 and a very reasonable price.  We gave him the controllers first and it only took him a second or so to figure it out and this was his reaction.  One of his controllers lights up and is very cool looking.  Check it out!

Sam didn't want a party this year for his birthday.  Instead he just wanted to have a friend spend the night.  This I could do.  This was the reasoning for giving him his present early.  We wanted him to have a little bit of time with it before he and his friend played with it.  His friend has one and I knew that Sam would tell him first thing on Friday morning which of course he did.  We took both boys out for pizza Friday night and also let them play some arcade games before heading back home and letting them play games, watch movies and stay up most of the night.  Andy and I stayed up until midnight and it looked like the boys would fall asleep any moment.  WRONG!  They were up until around 3:30 and were back up around 7:30!  Thing couldn't tell that they hardly had any sleep...that is until later that day. 


The great thing is that they were perfect!  They were quiet, polite and followed directions!  Now we were planning on taking Sam and his friend to a movie on Saturday but his friend had already had other plans. 

Before I go on with the rest of the story I need to go back to Friday afternoon...Sam got a call...FROM A GIRL!  He took the call said a couple of okays and then said bye.  We asked who it was and he said that he didn't know.  So I looked at the caller ID and realized that it was one of the girls from his class (her mom is a teacher at school).  I told Sam who it was and asked him if wanted to call her back.  HE DID!  Within that conversation he asked her to go to the movies with him.  I made sure that her mom was okay with it the next morning, which she was, and we were off to the movies...WITH A GIRL!  It really was cute to watch them both during the movie.  Going down the row it was Andy, me, Sam, GIRL, and her mom.  She sat as close to her mom as she could and Sam sat as close to me as he could.  But they would both spy looks at eachother during the movie.  Sam also had popcorn that he ate one kernel at a time which is so not him.  He's the typical boy that takes a handful of popcorn and crams it into his mouth.  But not this time.  In fact he would spy a look at her before every bite.  He was such the gentleman and even said "thanks for coming to the movies with me" at the end. 

So all in all I think that Sam had a great birthday!


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday Sam.
I am so glad that God blessed your mom and dad with you.
You have been a joy to watch grow through pictures.
I bet mom and dad get a chuckle each day just watching you grow and experience life.

WOW A girl already... going to the movies.... does not seem possible that you are old enough to be interested in girls.
I am glad you were a gentleman. Girls like boys that treat them that way.

Keep up the great work and enjoy your PS2 my kids love theirs!

Manders said...

What a lovely birthday and lots of memories. Loved reading about it all. They grow up so fast.

thais. said...

happy birthday to your Sam! love the surprise more than happy face :)

Sephysmomma said...

Stopping by from SITS. Looks like he had a great birthday! I grew up in Arlington but now I am in Mississippi. I hope that you have a great day!


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