Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Through the wonderful relationship of Business 2 Blogger I was connected with Splurge Salon.  

I have not had my hair cut since I got 12 inches cut off of it and donated it to Locks of Love (see the picture to the left) almost a year ago.  My hair has grown roughly 6 inches since then.  When they cut off all of that hair I never got a style so when it grew out it was looking kind of rough. 

Unfortunately I left my camera at home!  For those of you that have been reading for awhile you know that I have my camera with me at all times (so I'm going to use some photos from their site).  But that was the only bad thing that happened that day because let me tell you I have found the SALON for me!  From the moment that I walked in I knew that I had found the place!

I loved the look of the salon and that is the main reason I'm kicking myself for forgetting my camera.  I wanted to show you how great it looks.  So here is a picture from their facebook page.  They even have a waterfall wall. 

The first thing that my stylist did was to sit me down and ask me to tell her about me.  What a wonderful surprise this was.  I told her that I was a mom to an active 10 year old boy, that both hubby and I both on the go, and the fact that I am a crossing guard so most mornings I don't have time to do much with my hair and that it usually ends up in a ponytail and a ballcap goes on.  So from there she knew that I needed a hairstyle that was easy to do, quick to do, and could still be pulled back if needed.  Once that was discussed I knew that I could totally trust her to do whatever with my hair. She then took me back to wash my hair and I have to tell you that the message that I got while she was washing was the best EVER!  I was so relaxed by the time she was done I could have curled up and gone to sleep.  From there was the actual cutting of my hair followed by styling.  The conversation flowed and it was very natural to talk to my stylist.  I have to say that this is the best haircut/style that I have ever had!  Take a look for yourself:

It moves when I move, it's easy to style and the best part is that I could dry and style it in roughly 10 minutes if I need to!

This is a quote from their website:
Splurge Salon is where premier designers and world class color experts heighten your confidence and enhance your style. Splurge is "North Texas chic" with a French connection, combining creativity and talent with salon innovation to give you the advantage of looking your very best!
I can tell you that after being there this is so true!

One of the wonderful benefits is that Splurge offers a Client Loyalty Program. If you refer customers, they will give you a discount on your next appointment. How cool!  Check out the program here: Customer Loyalty Program

If you are looking for another great reason to head right on over to Splurge you ought to check out their  First Time Client Coupon.

When you arrive there please let them know that Kim from The Misplaced Midwesterner sent you.  I know that you won't regret it!  I know that they have a new customer in me. 

And yes, for those of you that know where I live (DFW TX) I did drive over 30 minutes to get there and I'll do it again because they are worth it! 

**I was compensated for this blog post by receiving this new haircut and style for free. For more information please read my "Disclosure Policy".


Jen said...

Your haircut/style looks great! I can't believe they have their own waterfall. How neat is that. I also received the B2B opportunity and I have an appointment Saturday with Lindsay. My hair is so long and lacks style. I can't wait wait to experience this for myself.


Angie said...

Very cute cut! I love it! The salon sounds lovely as well... unfortunately... it's a bit of a drive for me ;-)

Freely Living Life said...

I found you on "Friday Follow" and am now following you through Google Friend Connect. I look forward to further exploring your blog. Come on over and visit us when you get a chance. <3

Crazy Working Mom said...

Wow, so cool! I love it. :)

Jo Shabo said...

Cute hair! :) thanks for stopping by my blog!
Funny- I live in Texas and am from the midwest too! LOL
My family moved down here about 16 years ago.

Amy said...

looks great, Kim! Hey, I understand the drive...I used to drive 7 hours for my haircuts. Really! I'd rather find a new doctor than hairdresser. lol

rachelizabeth said...

You look amazing! I LOVE it!!

I need a place like that. Great Clips just isn't working for me anymore.

iheartbowheads.blogspot.com said...

So nice!!!!!!!!

iheartbowheads.blogspot.com said...

So nice!!!!!!!!

Jabulani said...

That's a really lovely style. Haircuts are such important things, it's great when you find Your Place! I have a lady who comes to my house; it's a joy. She does my daughter and son at the same time. I don't have to drag them off to a salon and sit thru their whining!

Anonymous said...

It looks great!

texasholly said...

I love it. That is exactly how I felt when I went there. They are so easy and non-intimidating. I think you look great!


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