Monday, June 14, 2010

Sam's Surgery

We finally know when Sam's surgery is going to be!  It took a few weeks after his ultrasound and a few phone calls to the doctor's office to find out that his Doctor was on vacation.  I don't mind that he was on vacation, I just wish that they would have told us the first time we called to inquire.  His surgery is going to be on July 27th.  I'm going to start looking for movies and things for him to do while he recovers.  His recovery time will be about a week.  I'm sure the first few days will be easy to keep him calm but I can guarantee that the last few days of his recovery will be harder for him to handle.  I'd love to hear any ideas that you all have!


A. Smith said...

It's great to have a date set so you are prepared for the surgery and also the rest of the summer will be pleasurable because the burden of waiting will be behind you. Sam is in my prayers and so are you for staying so strong and brave.

My daughter loves the movie Cloudy w/ a Chance of Meatballs and the Ice Age series :)

rachelizabeth said...

It's such a relief to have a date, isn't it? Now you can make actual summer plans!

When I have to keep my guys calm, we watch TV/movies practically non-stop. We also play board games /card games, spend time reading books, and coloring. I couldn't imagine having to keep him calm for all week, though. I know how hard it is on my boys to be calm for just a few days.

How 'bout this? I'll be praying for an easy surgery/recovery for Sam and peace and sanity for you. =)

texastanya said...

My guys enjoy many of the things other posters already listed. But one more thing they love is listening to audio books. We usually listen to them when we're driving around town. If we're home listening, I try to make sure they have a copy of the book they can hold. It seems to help their attention when they can read along.

Some websites where I've gotten free material:

I also have a subscription to We're currently listening to the Ralph Moody series called Little Britches. It's the story of young Ralph as he grew up in the early 1900's in Colorado. Many have called it "Little House" for Boys - and I have to agree. My guys love it. :)

I know I've seen some books on tape at the local library, that may be a source for you, too.

Hope this helps!

texastanya said...

I came across another idea that might be helpful.

Give him a stack of aluminum foil sheets that are about 12 X 12 and let him use them to create sculptures like they do at Freebirds.

We did this just this week since my 8year-old broke his wrist and is in a cast. I didn't want him to mess with the box because I was afraid the serrated edge could cut him, so I just pulled off about 8 sheets. He has had a blast and has made all sorts of creations by sculpting, then un-wadding, and then re-sculpting.

When he's done they can go in the recycle bin. :)


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