Thursday, October 6, 2011

My New Ride

I've been sitting on this since the beginning of August and I can now share it with you....I have been given the wonderful opportunity to test drive a Chevy White Diamond Traverse for the next two weeks.  All of the participating bloggers (and their families) got to go to the Texas State Fair to pick up our new rides and to have a fun day at the State Fair.  All in all yesterday was a FANTASTIC DAY!!!  Except for one see I remembered to charge my camera battery the night before, I even remembered to bring my camera....I, however, didn't remember to put the charged battery into my camera.  SO here I had all of this wonderful fun with my family and I had no camera.  Received a new car for two weeks to tell you all about, and I had no camera.  Tried some new foods (some really not good for me) and had no camera to show you.  So in the coming days you'll get to see photos that will be taken after the fact.  I do have to tell you that so far I'm really enjoying my new ride and I have to thank Chuck Fairbanks of Desoto TX for showing me everything little detail of my new ride!  Here is a stock photo from Chevy so you can see what my new ride looks like:


{rachel} said...

Just the other day, I was wondering if you would be test driving any more cars. I got my answer! (Have fun with it!)

One question: did you try the fried bubblegum?

Brenda said...

Wow! That is awesome to be able to test drive a car. How did you get to do that?


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